Are we walking hand in hand?

Susanne Bødker

bodkerSusanne Bødker is professor of Human Computer Interaction at the Computer Science Department, University of Aarhus. Her research areas include participatory design, computer-supported cooperative work and human-computer interaction. Her PhD thesis, Through the Interface—a Human Activity Approach to User Interface Design was an early attempt to present activity theoretical HCI to an international audience. Much of her research since can be seen as consolidation and expansion of this theoretical frame.

1982-1983 Visiting scientist at Xerox PARC
1983 Researcher, University of Electro-Communications (Tokyo)
1983-1990 PhD Student and assistant professor at University of Aarhus
1990-2001 Associate Professor, CS Dept., University of Aarhus
1996 Visiting research, Dept. of CS and Information Studies, University of Limerick (Ireland)
2001 Professor, CS Dept., University of Aarhus
2008 ACM SigDOC Rigo award for extraordinary lifelong achievements
2009 Visiting professor, KTH Stockholm

Through the Interface – a Human Activity Approach to User Interface Design
This book combines elements of anthropology, psychology, cognitive science, software engineering, and computer science. The framework examines the everyday work practices of users when analyzing and designing computer applications. From implementation to design: tailoring and the emergence of systematization in CSCW focuses on several dimensions of the work of tailoring: construction, organizational change, learning, and politics. We draw two kinds of lessons for system development: how better to support the work of tailors, and how system developers can learn from and cooperate with tailors.

Constructing Common Information Space
This paper investigates an important, yet under researched topic in CSCW- shared, or common, information spaces.

When second wave HCI meets third wave challenges
The paper specifically addresses the topics of multiplicity, context, boundaries, experience and participation.

Text by Nikki L, Smitha B, Lana P, and Anu N.